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Solar Apocalypse Mod 1.0.0 is in single player its fine, on the server its laggy in the final stage but once the affected blocks are gone it calms down. i was thinking a new type of weather ? some how trigger a heat storm, everything under the storm becomes dirt and fire storm moves to a new area.

Minecraft Mods | Просмотров: 1299 | Загрузок: 266 | Добавил: Jekkeyhyde | Дата: 2012 Янв 05

Have you ever lamented the perfectly manicured appearance of Minecraft grass? Have you wondered how it was that a world in which zombies can ride pigs is somehow immune to the presence of weeds? This mod allows your world to have "tall grass” blocks everywhere on normal grass blocks.

Minecraft Mods | Просмотров: 924 | Загрузок: 245 | Добавил: Jekkeyhyde | Дата: 2012 Янв 05

This mod will ultimately bring as much of the Skyrim world to minecraft as possible. It will eventually contain an RPG realm; where players can play one of the most exciting games in another amazing game, Minecraft!

Minecraft Mods | Просмотров: 1393 | Загрузок: 229 | Добавил: Jekkeyhyde | Дата: 2012 Янв 05

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